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Wendy Yoo

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Merry CHRISTmas [25 Dec 2005|09:51pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I received more text messages today than on my birthday.
I tell you, Jesus is someone special =)
I feel really lonely knowing that Stef is gone to Korea and won't be back until January 8th.
I am waiting for her to come back on the last week of my winter break.
This winter break is going to S U C K!
Steph gave me the keys to her car.
Wow, I feel privileged.

I get to see Ellice soon! Weeee!!

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Sucks to BU! [29 Sep 2005|03:47am]
[ mood | confused ]

I seem to write in Live Journal randomly.
I hate being a Sophomore because I now I don't have an excuse of not knowing.
It is weird to be back. All of my friends are scattered throughout the campus. I decided to select random roomates so I won't be around Asians twenty-four hours.

I feel that the so-called Sophomore Slump hasn't hit me yet. I don't have friends except Elisha.I am just a roamer. I wanderer. People have told me no one sees me. I seriously can't recollect what I do. All I know is that I am busy and I see people here and there. I feel that I am trying to get to know as many people as possbile instead of concentrating on what group.

My best friends are in college now. Crazy.
Stef went off to UCSD.
Ellice went off to UCLA.

I am such a bad friend. I need to be better.

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2oo5: My First Entry [04 Jan 2005|05:38am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

Being back in Calabasas is always good. I'm really glad that I didn't stay in California. My experience at Boston opened my eyes and I'm glad that I'm no longer in the Calabasas bubble. It is still very sad to see some people are still stuck in that bubble. But I know I still have a lot of learning to do.
It's crazy to see that this city has its own magazine. Also, I didn't know all these famous people (besides Jessica and Nick) live in this area. I just hope Calabasas remains low key because I like it that way.
I can't believe half of my winter break is gone. It's been crazy for the past two weeks. Randomness has taken its toll and I'm loving it. I'm never really home, unless it is for sleeping. Some people are crazy thinking I'm too busy to see them. Dang, why does everyone assume that?
I regret not hanging out with some high school friends earlier since I forgot UCs start soon. It was good to see them that one day at Rachel's but I think I need to sotp procastinating on seeing people.
I realized I am so-thankful for my friendships with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Distance has definantly not changed anything and I felt loved that all of them were so eager to see me. What amazes me that sets them aside from my other friends is their faithfulness. Faithfulness meaning "just being there". I realized our society doesn't value this as much as it should. I had one sophmore college friend that said something I won't ever forget, "Wow, your really lucky. None of my friends went to the airport with me just to see me go off to college". And I didn't ask these friends to go to the airport with me. Yet they came at such an early hour and they came all the way to my house from LA to welcome me back on the first day of my winter break here. So I hope that I will be faithful in return to these friends of mine and to be unselfish. I want 2005 to be a year where I stop being jealous. Man, jealousy is rooted withnin every girl (whether you admit it or not). I feel like its a par with guy struggling with lust. I don't want to be someone that breaks down someone's character. Instead, I want to be someone that will uplift it.
I'm still excited to see some more people. I hope I get everyone before I leave on the 17th of January...

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WROAR [15 Oct 2004|04:27am]
[ mood | crazy ]

I'm going to LA for this weekend.
I don't think I'll sleep because I only have two days and I don't want my $213 to go to waste by sleeping.
I haven't told the rentals, but I was strongly told not to by my brother.
I never done this in my life.
I'm thinking about going into my house when I know the house is cleared.
I feel adventurous.
I leave in 30 minutes.
I will miss my buddies over here, especially these two fruends. I practically spend everyday with these two.

Cell me: (818) 620-8130

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BOSTON UNIVERSITY [13 Sep 2004|03:35pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Wow, how did I survive high school? I would have to wake up at 7 AM and go to school for six classes. Then after class it would usually consist of extracurricular activites and I end up at home around 5 PM to start my studies. I miss high school. I miss the comforts of it. I'm getting anxiety attacks with only four classes at Boston. I miss MATH! I'm taking all courses that require tremendous amount of reading, reading, and reading. It was difficult for me to adjust here in Boston. I unceasingly cried the first three nights, but things have turned around and improved.

I love my schedule! =)

I miss Cali. I miss golf!~

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2oo4 Summer Vacation! [10 Aug 2004|02:23pm]
2004 has been the best year of my life! I mean, its not even over yet, but so far its been so amazing! But the funny thing is, this year I also had my lowest moments in life. Sorry that my english sucks; I just came back from Korea 5 days ago so my english has been very shaky. Korea was awesome. I made friends all over the world! Indonesia, Germany, England, Canada, and etc. I was in a program that lasted 6 weeks to learn Korean and the culture but I experienced a lot of new things as well. My friends got me addicted to clubbing! I miss the freedom I had in Korea and how the law enforcement was so chill, but when my airplane landed I screamed "I'm HOME! I'M HOME! HOT DIGGITY!" I had major jet lag but I had to go see my best friends. I didn't care how tired I was, I missed them so damn much. I have the story of how I suprised one of them on my Xanga.

Now that I think about it, I don't have much time here to spend with my family and friends before I leave for Boston. But I'm glad to have spend four days in a row with my best friend Stef. I wish Ellice, the other part of trio, could be less busy and more free for us!

It's so weird to see everyone from Calabasas high school or the friends I saw yesturday. Wow, I forgot how white people looked like.

Any ways, I don't know what else to write. I have so-many stories but it would take too long. I guess I'll go attempt to read Chuck's email again. He's England and he says a lot of British lingos that I don't understand.
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CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF2oo4! [12 Jun 2004|05:07pm]
Graduation was yesturday. Madness. I still don't feel like a graduate. I'm kind of sad that the three most people in my life weren't there, but I'm getting over it by looking at all those that came =) Eray, Joanne, and Stella came all the way from LA. Hak Bin came down, although UCLA has finals next week. Charles, Hak, and Mike. Min yong! Yay! And of course, all of the underclassmen (Jenna, Joy, Tiffany, Sheryl, and Liang). I loved how I had so many flowers. I was covered! I was a forrest. I was supposed to go to Magic Mt today, but I think it would of been humanly impossible (Too many all-nighters). Many people didn't come because I told them I didn't have tickets. I spend $10 "reproducing" tickets, yet I found out you didn't even need the tickets! Dah.
Grad Night was more than what I expected. I encourage everyone to go next year, although it might cost some money, its definantly worth it. I just realized I sat next to Collin during our graduation at AEW and yesturday I sat with him again for both graduation and our bus ride to/from grad night.
I have many upcoming high school graduations to go to. Maybe a good three years? Yep. Take care guys! I will miss Calabasas. Never will I be a student there. Thanks for all of the memories =)
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You've just been PUNK'D [29 Mar 2004|11:05pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Last week I stressed over school and the suprise party I was hosting. Dang, I don't know how I survived with 3-5 hrs of sleep each day along with two hours of swim practice. But I know for sure it's been God. I got accepted to my #2 college and the party was a success! While waiting for Stef, Sarah, and Diane I felt like a loser sitting by myself at the Commons. I sat next to this lady and we just smiled at each other. Yeah. Then I saw Jessie. Yep. Rachel and her mom but I had to shoo them away because I saw them coming...
Me: " Why is Diane here? What the fucK? You guys are fucking messed up" ::walk away::
::Stef and Sarah follow me to where everyone is hiding in the bushes in that area between Marmalade and Mi Piacci::
Stef: "Wendy, what the fuck is wrong with you? Talk to Diane. She has no idea why the fuck your mad at her"
Sarah: "Wendy, you need to fucking act your age. Your almost 18, an adult!"
Sarah went back and then I turned around and saw Diane crying and hugging Sarah. But we kept pressing on. Mike loved the part when I said "Fine, I'm the bitch here. Look at the bitch. O LOOK AT ME! Get the fuck out of my life" Diane was going to cry even more after I said "YOU'VE JUST BEEN PUNK'D" and everyone jumped out of the bushes. O sweet mother =] I got the "AHHH WENDY I HATE YOU!" ::slap:: then later "AHHH WENDY I love you. Thank you. I can't believe you would do this for me!" So we headed back to my place where Sarah and I prepared bomb ass food. I had to friggin massage the meat and chicken the night before! But everything was worth it=] Especially when I found out that Diane always wanted a suprise party. I think twenty people in total. Fun night. I'm just having baller weekends lately

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THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST [17 Mar 2004|11:45am]
#1 It's pretty sad to hear from "Christians" to get pissed off at the Romans, Jews, and Pharisees. They were angered instead of moved by the movie because they couldn't get over those parts. I'm sorry to break it to you, but that is you and me doing that stuff to Jesus. Yes, we are the ones that nailed him there. Yes, we are the ones that rejected him and spit on him. Everything those people did was US.
#2 "That's not possible that Jesus could of survived all of that" There are records of other crucifications that went through the same process that Jesus went through, so it was possible, but He got the most whipping.
#3 The movie did a small job of depicting the last 12 hours of Jesus. If they were ALLOWED to show what REALLY happened, it would of been even MORE brutal to the point where you wouldn't recognize his face.
#4 This is a message of love. Yep it is. This is where you have to go to the Word itself to understand.
#5 Since Jesus had to go through all of that emotional (rejected, back stabbed by the people he loved, trampled over, and etc) and physical suffering in the human form, He understands all the things your going through. People look for the "perfect answer" in life and He is that "perfect answer"
#6 I really don't like being called religious or hardcore Christian. What's so great about being religious? How does that benefit me or anyone else? Instead, I have a relationship with God.
#7 Respect my God and what He stands for. That's all I ask for you to do.
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GET A CALCULATOR AND TRY THIS OUT! [05 Feb 2004|04:55pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

1) Ignoring your area code, key-in the first 3 digits of your phone number into the calculator
2) multiply by 80
3) then plus 1
4) multiply by 250
5) plus the last four digit of phone number
6) plus the last four digit of phone number again
7) minus 250
8) divide by 2 at last

coool, eh? i miss golf.. i regret not working my ass off for a golf scholarship; all that money wasted towards lessons and balls... junior year was THE year of golf for me.. i should of kept practicing, but senior year was when i got to meet a lot of new people... well i feel like it's too late, but maybe i should just start practicing like mad NOW.. hahah instead of going out too much or being a internet bum.. gah, i ridiculously miss golf.. when we'll i ever get the chance to play FREE on golf courses?. or get FREE balls to hit? or be able to practice at Calabasas Country Club?... or ride the ghetto van?... or make new friends?... or
get out of school early to go eat at CPK with my teammates? gah.. i still can't grasp the fact that i won't be there next season... i won the CHIPPER AWARD.. hahaha.. sheesh, it's about my disposition..

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2004: My First Entry [07 Jan 2004|02:17am]
[ mood | crazy ]

first time i ever ditched a full day of school... haha... i pulled through without getting caught... today was a crazy day... here's why:
i leave home and the mother believes i'm going to school... nope... i go to denny's and i go with hak koo (jason) to LA to go pick up ria, stella, and eray... he drops me back at denny's cuz i have to go to the Getty Museum to do the art report i was SUPPOSED to do over winter break and it is due today(that's the real reason why i ditched, i just don't want my B+ to go to a C cuz of this damn report)... sarah's house is clear from any rentals... so it worked out PERFECTLY... my brother called in as my father... haha.. my brother owns! i went to school to pick up sarah and took mike and ria with me... i saw stef thara and nicole SHOKKKERREELLAAAA and i honked at them! hahaha.. they told me they tried to follow me into Bluebird and then they ended up in Mulhullound... ria got a culture shock cuz there were so many whites! hahaha i could see it in her face... me: "oooo.. look! there are the asians hiding under that tree"... mike: "damn... there so little"... i take ria and mike to esther's house without calling esther... NOT HOME! so me and ria decide to leave a letter... hahaha... i was scared that i picked the wrong house, but i got the RIGHT one... i had a bloody nose while going to esther's... that wasn't so pleasant... then everyone is at pete's house and we are all ready for the BBQ! me, stef, sarah, pete, mike, brian hwang, stella, ria, eray, hak koo KOO koo KOo, and sam eat some DAAAMNNN good food... everyone was there except ellice and my butt muncher (joanne).. we ate sauted mushrooms, sam's special sauce on chicken and meat... mMm... i call esther and she comes and brings her sis LIZ! i leave cuz my cell phone was ringing like a mother from the house... wow... today was friggin random/crazy/fun! haha.. i lied to my mom... i ditched school.. i don't feel so bad and that's really bad.. i need to repent to the Lord... i'm just so thankful He made everything work out PERFECTLY!! sheesh.. next time it's a BBQ at MY house =]

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Crajee-ness [28 Dec 2003|07:40am]
[ mood | blank ]

tuesday me and pete went to go chill with our wilshire buddies... pete told me to get off at hollywood and we got lost... we asked some grandma on a street corner where normandie ave, but people behind us honked at us, so we didn't have time to say thank you... we got back onto the freeway and we were right where we started ,near the hollywood exit... what do u know, the sign shows normandie avenue as the next next exit... hahahaha... we could of been there 2 hrs earlier... it was great to get to know stella and to see ria again =]* fun-filled night...
wednesday went to go chill with my liz and esther for a while... i haven't seen them since summer ... than at night: me, my bro, and dan went to the dicterow's house... good to see the friends i grew up with: andrea(UCLA) and erica(USC)... i don't remember too much cuz their older than me... they told me they would love to see me open presents cuz i would always say "OH MY GOOOSHIIEEE"... haha... played the foosball table we all helped build (took forever to build)... watched cribs.... andrea just loved making fun of mariah carey... hahahaa... good times shon...
thursday previous entry
friday went to wilshire with sam& pete... i saw my lover JOANNE =] came home like at 1 AM and then some santa cruz ppl came over our house since our parents were on vacation... we smoked out of roy's bong (hooka and weed together), while watching porn... hahahaha.. it was hilarious!!! this asian lady had such a strong accent... o man... everyone left at 6 AM, but roy stayed and we talked for a hour... if you want the hook-ups, i can give it to you =] crashed at 7 AM...
saturday i went to sam's house to help prepare for our church's retreat...i felt so guilty while we were praying bc of the night before... beanna got sucked into our ass whacking thang.. o NOooooooooooooo ^^*

my brother messed around with the people on my buddy list yesturday... funnyness!...post it up later...daaang, i haven't gone out with any of my SCHOOL friends... hahaa.. o wellps, i see them all the time at school xD stef was disappointed that i did hooka/weed cuz she respected how i resisted before (except my bday)... that hit me pretty hard esp since she's my best buddy... besides that, it's been tough lately on my faith cuz of the situation of my family... i just received another shocking/heart-piercing news, but i'll pray deeper at my church's retreat... i hope that i will come back down as a more compassionate person... to not do anything bc it makes me feel GOOD inside, but bc of God's love =] i'll be praying for you guys ^^* and i mean it!!

love always and forever, wends =] [=

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Merry HO HO HO [25 Dec 2003|11:58pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

EDIT xanga buddies: 70... LJ: 10... hm...
this has been the CRAZIEST christmas ever... i tell stef how sad i am and she invites me to her house and she feeds me =D thats amazing cuz both her brother and her mother are strict... so i leave her house around 1:00 AM(she lives in camarillo)... i get home and all of a sudden vivian is over... then we go to Norms and we start eating at 3:00 AM... dan wanted ice cream so we went to thrifty and vivan went dancing in the car with booming music... came back home... did some dancing (i was way too tired to dance)to full volumed stereo system and vivan just left... wow... i don't know if i should just not sleep bc i feel so bloated, but i'm gonna see some of my wilshire buddies tomorrow and... yeh... um... SATURDAY i will do my college apps... 6:00 AM...

this has been the worst christmas ever... it started off good from a phone call by JOANNE =D but then it went downhill from there... i wanted to read the Bible and pray for some people and give thanks to the Lord, but it took me a while to realize the electricity was all off... then the tummy tells me it needs some food... so i hop onto the bandwagon and start searching a place for grubbing... it was fun dodging trees and driving through huge puddles... then i realized it was x-mas and everything was closed, even Mcdonalds! finally, it was good ol' Jack that pulled through... my house is so empty and so dark... we didn't even get a christmas tree!its just me and my brother, my parents went off to a trip today... i mean, its cool my parents went for a vacation, they NEED it... but this is going to be my LAST christmas in THIS house cuz we're moving after i graduate... i've lived in this house for twelve years... sigh... my brother has been sleeping all today...

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Jesus is my homeboy =) [07 Dec 2003|01:34am]
[ mood | happy ]

I asked God to take away my pride
God said, No
It is not for me to take away,
But for you to give up

I asked God to make my handicapped friend whole
God said, No
Her spirit was whole,
Her body was only temporary

I asked God to grant me patience
God said, No
Patience is a by-product of tribulation,
It is not granted, it is earned

I asked God to give me happiness
God said, No
I give you blessings,
Happiness is up to you

I asked God to spare me pain
God saidm, No
You must grow on your own
But I will prune you to make you fruitful

I asked for all things that I might enjoy life
God said, No
I will give you life
So that you may enjoy all things


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i stand before you Lord and give you all my praise [25 Nov 2003|02:26am]
[ mood | cold ]

Jesus you're all I need.. Hold me in your arms, never let me go.. I want to spend ETERNITY with you! Now that you're near EVERYTHING is different,EVERYTHING is so different Lord
i know i'm not the same my life you've changed.. i wanna be WITH you, i wanna be WITH you

life is so ding dong good =] even though i never been so stressed out in my life, praise God =]* His love is keepin me going and now i see how much He loves everyone =)
i love everyone ::big grin::

SugRpixie11 (7:39:06 PM): hey wendy. what's up?
D0tH3DeW (7:39:19 PM): tae killed my uc personal statements
SugRpixie11 (7:39:22 PM): YEA ME TOOOO!!!!
SugRpixie11 (7:39:27 PM): HOLY SHIT HE RIPPED MY APART!
SugRpixie11 (7:39:33 PM): I had to start them allllll over again.
SugRpixie11 (7:39:34 PM): HAHAHAHAHHA
SugRpixie11 (7:39:52 PM): but at least he killed mine over the internet. I think I'd cry if he told me that in person

D0tH3DeW (11:55:08 PM): tae hates me
SugRpixie11 (11:55:13 PM): tae hates me too
SugRpixie11 (11:55:25 PM): he called me elitist, and hold on..let me get my e-mail so I can quote him.
SugRpixie11 (11:56:29 PM): "Your tone is very off - wit that far often borders on sarcasm and sometimes even mean-spiretedness. Moreover, there is this disturbing motif of 'I am better than my loser/slacker/intellectually inferior peers' Your tone does not speak well of you..."
SugRpixie11 (11:56:33 PM): sheesh. I am not loved.
D0tH3DeW (12:00:23 AM): #2 is like my best one
SugRpixie11 (12:01:00 AM): yea #1 is the only one I even remotely like.
D0tH3DeW (12:01:09 AM): i put A LOT of work into it. he better like it.. or im gonna go over and hit him with my... golf clubs
SugRpixie1128 (12:01:18 AM): I don't know what to write #3 about. I have had NO major obstacles and I apparently, my personality is too "mean" to write about.
SugRpixie11 (12:01:24 AM): HAHAHAHHA!!!
SugRpixie11 (12:01:28 AM): please let me go with you when you beat him.
SugRpixie11 (12:01:35 AM): and I will throw golf balls at him!
D0tH3DeW (12:01:51 AM): o man, we're so mean.. tae is just trying to help us out..............................................................
SugRpixie11 (12:01:58 AM): I know.
SugRpixie11 (12:02:02 AM): SEE? I am mean!!!

-- we return to chit chat again--
SugRpixie11 (2:26:27 AM): dude. I'm tired.
D0tH3DeW (2:26:32 AM): hahahahahahahahahahahha
D0tH3DeW (2:26:39 AM): omg... im laughin so hard right now...
SugRpixie11(2:26:46 AM): HHAHAH. why?!
D0tH3DeW (2:26:54 AM): hahahahaahahha
D0tH3DeW (2:26:58 AM): that was just funny
D0tH3DeW (2:27:01 AM): i duno.. its too late
SugRpixie11 (2:27:07 AM): But I really am sooooojoooooo tired.

estee (11:25:38 PM): i'm getting really fat here
D0tH3DeW (11:27:01 PM): hahaha...SURE.. i am ever since golf ended.. not time for exercising..my exercising is typing away on AIM
working the fingers baby
estee (11:27:31 PM): me tooo!!!
estee (11:27:36 PM): and working out physics problem
D0tH3DeW (11:35:39 PM): ok.. im gone *poof*
D0tH3DeW (11:35:49 PM): i dunno.. hahaha its just a saying u know?
estee(11:35:55 PM): hahaha.. yes, in a cloud of smoke
D0tH3DeW (11:35:57 PM): *poof* im back to answer that quetion
D0tH3DeW (11:36:06 PM): im gone *poof*
estee (11:36:15 PM): wow, my very own genie in a bottle
D0tH3DeW (11:36:25 PM): ;-) far sheezy........
estee (11:37:25 PM): hahaha wendy
D0tH3DeW (11:37:39 PM): o esther.. h ahahaahah i sound like u! xD
estee (11:38:13 PM): oh my... very funny wendy!
D0tH3DeW (11:38:18 PM): hahahahahaha
D0tH3DeW (11:38:19 PM): o my
estee (11:38:19 PM): doesn't sound like me at all
D0tH3DeW (11:38:21 PM): awwww
D0tH3DeW (11:38:26 PM): yeah it does!
D0tH3DeW (11:38:30 PM): u said O WENDY one time xD
estee (11:38:57 PM): i also said hi wendy many times

siLEntTriGr (2:09:07 AM): ur up late
D0tH3DeW (2:09:11 AM): haha yeah
D0tH3DeW (2:11:02 AM): y r u up?
siLEntTriGr (2:11:50 AM): im doing hw
D0tH3DeW (2:13:12 AM): haha.. doing hw... hm.. so thats what boys call it lately..
siLEntTriGr (2:14:24 AM): hahhahah
siLEntTriGr (2:14:25 AM): good one
siLEntTriGr (2:14:31 AM): if i was doing that
siLEntTriGr (2:14:33 AM): i woulda been to sleep
siLEntTriGr (2:14:35 AM): hours ago
D0tH3DeW (2:14:38 AM): hahahhahahahaha
siLEntTriGr (2:26:59 AM): weakling
siLEntTriGr (2:27:03 AM): its only 10
D0tH3DeW (2:27:30 AM): its friggin 2:27
siLEntTriGr (2:27:41 AM): haha
siLEntTriGr (2:27:42 AM): SHIT
D0tH3DeW (2:27:53 AM): uum.. where hafve you been shon?
siLEntTriGr (2:27:59 AM): i dunno
siLEntTriGr (2:28:01 AM): i must be too high
D0tH3DeW (2:28:09 AM): wow. u can "do ur hw" for a while..
D0tH3DeW (2:32:52 AM): my fingers are cold
D0tH3DeW (2:32:59 AM): and now....when i type im shakin
siLEntTriGr (2:33:04 AM): im havin trouble typin
siLEntTriGr (2:33:04 AM): haha
siLEntTriGr (2:33:05 AM): i almost am
D0tH3DeW (2:33:14 AM): me too
D0tH3DeW (2:33:19 AM): i cant control my hand
siLEntTriGr (2:33:22 AM): haha
siLEntTriGr (2:34:23 AM): its just u n me now
siLEntTriGr (2:34:25 AM): all my buddies left
siLEntTriGr (2:34:56 AM): wow
siLEntTriGr (2:34:57 AM): i finnished
siLEntTriGr (2:35:47 AM): now all igotta do is figure out how im gonna wake up in 3 hours
siLEntTriGr (2:38:38 AM): did u die
D0tH3DeW (2:39:07 AM): haha
siLEntTriGr signed off at 2:39:15 AM.
Previous message was not received by siLEntTriGGr because of error (2:39:15 AM): User siLEntTriGr is not available.

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"wendy YOO drinks POO while saying MOO cuz she is a dirty kangaROO that pees in the pOOl "~ wendy c [19 Nov 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i finally found another ASIAN wendy and she is my other half... we are both crazy and weird together, it's so great... i'm glad my parents gave me a rare name for an asian, even if i was named after my dad's favorite hamburger restuarant =]
Life is good... God is good!
Halle! Lujah!
Halle! Lujah!

some parts of wendy chin's emails to me (^^)
so how is it goin? i feel like i going to die. . . cuz. . . .(sniff. . . sniff) you smell like poo!hahahahaha
christine and tiffany saw what you wrote (hahaha) and they were like "hey were not the 'shit sisters' " HAHAHA
but yeah i better see you soon you butt brain
im gonna miss you, man. hopefully there will still be those random laughing about nothing. . .cuz im so easily amused by you!
-wendy (the girl who is off in her own little world

well i came back from mexico and
think im going to die. we mixed cement for a preschool there like mad cave men. .
hey! i was just thinking. . . would n't it be really cool if we went to the same college and were room mates. . . umm but now that i think of it . . .you reek-you smell like trash vomit -hahahahah
wendy chin ( your other half )
-wendy's chin (not wendy but her chin)

fEiStyStEf(9:55:45 PM): but ya.. i broke up with gene.. he's being really stupid about it..telling everyone.. that he's BUTT HURT and he's gonna cry..blahblah..
fEiStyStEf (9:58:53 PM): am i depressed? fuck no, im just fine. im just going through a lot of tissue boxes every night to whipe off my tears..........o ok fine, ya i am
fEiStyStEf (9:59:00 PM): putting stuff like that on his profile
and the weather thing...its gonna rain because hes CRYING
D0tH3DeW (10:04:59 PM): o cry me a FUCKING ! river

D0tH3DeW (9:21:08 PM): my hands are freezing
D0tH3DeW (9:21:12 PM): i need someone's armpits!
rIa 4rM COrEa (9:21:20 PM): o man hi 5
rIa 4rM COrEa (9:21:23 PM): i thought i was alone ont aht

D0tH3DeW (7:21:40 PM): we went to regionals!
GVarsity (7:21:51 PM): wait u moved on after riverside?
d0tH3DeW (7:21:58 PM): riverside= regionals
GVarsity (7:22:04 PM): oo yeah i heard thats soo awesome
D0tH3DeW (7:22:10 PM): we got second
GVarsity (7:22:17 PM): to last?
D0tH3DeW (7:22:21 PM): damnut!...hahahahah.. u read my joounral

D0tH3DeW (8:10:40 PM): o u lil momma fucker.. i would die for that
JessieOh(8:10:49 PM): momma fucker
JessieOh(8:10:51 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHHA
JessieOh (8:10:59 PM): omg youre too funny

D0tH3DeW (8:03:03 PM): remember how i kept slapping wendy? hahahahaah.. and she did it to the shit sisters
Nshin (8:03:04 PM): hahahha
Nshin (8:03:07 PM): yea~
Nshin (8:03:10 PM): hahahahaah
Nshin (8:03:16 PM): im glad wendy took my place
Nshin (8:03:17 PM): hahaha
D0tH3DeW (8:03:57 PM): LOL!!!! she took one for the team
D0tH3DeW (8:04:19 PM): i think.. u would of been smarter... besides, i can't slap you... but i can slap wendy =]*
D0tH3DeW (8:18:35 PM): guess what
Nshin (8:18:38 PM): what?
D0tH3DeW (8:18:51 PM): U SMELL.. hahahaha
D0tH3DeW (8:19:07 PM): o man. i always wanted to say that...... thanks nicole:-P
Nshin (8:19:21 PM): hahahha..thank u
Nshin (8:19:27 PM): you're the 2nd one who said that to me today
Nshin(8:19:28 PM): hahaha
Nshin(7:05:39 PM): i had sooo much fun last sat.
D0tH3DeW (7:05:41 PM): i hafta go somewhere
D0tH3DeW (7:05:43 PM): hahaha.. reallie?
Nshin (7:05:46 PM): u make my day sooo much better~

D0tH3DeW (8:22:53 PM): guess what
fEiStyStEf (8:24:23 PM): whatt
D0tH3DeW (8:24:30 PM): YOU SMELL
fEiStyStEf(8:24:33 PM): oh HAHAHAH
D0tH3DeW (8:24:34 PM): hahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
fEiStyStEf (8:24:39 PM): dood everyones saying that to me
D0tH3DeW (8:24:40 PM): o man.. i crack myself up
fEiStyStEf (8:24:45 PM): PUAHAHAHHAHA WhAT?!??!?!?!
fEiStyStEf (8:24:47 PM): HAHAHAHHA
fEiStyStEf (8:29:18 PM): no seriously
fEiStyStEf (8:29:27 PM): you're the 2nd person to say that to me today too
fEiStyStEf (8:29:32 PM): but yesterday someone said that to me
fEiStyStEf (8:29:34 PM): and the day before

ellice (8:14:44 PM): i told steph... so now i will tell u
D0tH3DeW (8:15:02 PM): what.?
D0tH3DeW (8:15:06 PM): what do u need to tell me?
D0tH3DeW (8:15:07 PM): omg
ellice (8:15:10 PM): well
D0tH3DeW (8:15:11 PM): its a b oy isnt it
ellice (8:15:12 PM): what?
D0tH3DeW (8:15:12 PM): hahahahahah
D0tH3DeW (8:15:13 PM): im so right
ellice (8:15:15 PM): HAHAHAH
ellice (8:15:19 PM): ya
D0tH3DeW (8:15:24 PM): hahahahah

Piglet (10:13:52 PM): i just made hey ya my ring tone
D0tH3DeW (10:14:04 PM): that's awesome

D0tH3DeW (9:43:17 PM): u did the slapping thang to CHRISTINE!
D0tH3DeW (9:43:23 PM): E-VIL whore
chinnychin (9:43:30 PM): what?
D0tH3DeW (9:43:49 PM): LiLJoShjcPqT0 (9:42:40 PM): she was like lemme show u sumthing
LiLJoShjcPqT0 (9:42:47 PM): so i did what she told me!
LiLJoShjcPqT0 (9:42:54 PM): n she hit me smak in the face1
chinnychin (9:45:10 PM): ahahahahahah
chinnychin (9:45:23 PM): i tried to do it to her
chinnychin (9:45:30 PM): but she was'd
chinnychin (9:45:37 PM): stupid like me!
D0tH3DeW (9:57:35 PM): be right back
D0tH3DeW (9:57:39 PM): my mom wants me to see how my dad sleepx
chinnychin (9:57:43 PM): ohhh
D0tH3DeW (9:58:21 PM): hhahaha.. he loooks like a frog
chinnychin (9:58:25 PM): hahahahaha
D0tH3DeW (10:05:47 PM): now fellas.. whats cooler than being cool?
D0tH3DeW (10:05:51 PM): ICE COLD
chinnychin (10:06:01 PM): dear god . . . .
chinnychin (10:06:20 PM): do origato mister roboto
chinnychin (10:07:49 PM): i just made up something
chinnychin (10:08:04 PM): "Wendy Yoo . . . smells like Poo"
chinnychin (10:08:09 PM): it ryms
D0tH3DeW (10:08:16 PM): o
D0tH3DeW (10:08:17 PM): dats old
chinnychin (10:08:22 PM): really?
chinnychin (10:08:25 PM): no its not
D0tH3DeW (10:08:27 PM): my teamaate made that last yr
chinnychin (10:08:32 PM): I made it up
D0tH3DeW (10:08:36 PM): WENDY POO I LOVE YO
D0tH3DeW (10:08:43 PM): OR.. WENDY THE POO
chinnychin (10:08:48 PM): fine . . how about this . . .
D0tH3DeW (10:08:59 PM): or.. WENDY WOO HOW ARE YOO?
chinnychin (10:09:12 PM): wendy Yoo is a dirty kangaroo!!!
chinnychin (10:09:18 PM): hahahahah
D0tH3DeW (10:09:33 PM): hahjahahahhaah
D0tH3DeW (10:09:35 PM): OMG!!!!!
D0tH3DeW (10:09:37 PM): thats awesome
chinnychin (10:09:41 PM): i know
chinnychin (10:10:18 PM): wendy yoo poops out goo

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PROPS TO JULIE DODSON [10 Oct 2003|09:20pm]
[ mood | sick ]

wow.. i can't believe there was a hot debate about julie's article today.. i'm proud of her because it proves she's a writer and i give her respect for working so hard.. i wish i could work as hard as her.. i don't see why people are going to act so immature about it, she's just voicing her opinion.. if ya'll have any positive comments tell it to the staff cuz they need it... Godburn says if you have any negative comments, go talk to him..

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If a tree fell on a mime, would there be a sound? [05 Oct 2003|01:39am]
[ mood | stressed ]

hm.. i've decided to buy a digital camera and i'm STUCK! (-_-).. any recommendations?
mang.. jewish food is.... unique... at least the POOPY COLORED bread alyson brought me.. it had a bad after taste..
so golf season has started and it's been narling.. what's weird is that i have more fun socializing with other teams than my own... umm.. what else.. i can't study in study groups at barnes and nobles.. i always end up fooling around.. and.. here's a lil thingy that mr. O gave to us[read out the letters but don't read out the letters in PUPPIES, just say PUPPIES for PUPPIES].. i found it amusing..


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UCLA ESCAPADE [09 Sep 2003|10:48pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

so jen and i decided to go to the UCLA libraray since Mr. Godburn strongly recommended us to go there for "college experience" and some other crap.. that was the only day off from sarah, since i see her everyday [church,school, and SAT classes], but jen wanted to take her with us.. so we park and the parking meter only takes quarters.. we were all so shocked to find that 25 cents only gave us EIGHT MINUTES.. we thought it's was gonna be fast to find our literary criticism, but o boy, we were wrong.. we were lost and kept asking strangers to help us.. i frantically called people i knew who attended UCLA, but i forgot they haven't started school yet.. we got to the library and there are WAY too many books.. we were just going up and down aisle looking at tons of books.. sometimes they weren't even in ENGLISH and we still starred at them.. jen was freakin out about her car so we go back and we realized we were walkin in circles..
so to be a little more terse: it was a waste of gas, time, and money
*the end*

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wOo sahh [22 Jul 2003|01:42am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

i saw bad boys II, AGAIN! happy bday to the one and only rachey poo.. it was so awesome cuz i got to see julie [rachel's besy friend] again.. so i celebrated along with stef,ellice, julie, collin, jaime, scott, chrissy, and joon for her 17th bday.. a lot of whackin goin on my ass.. julie and rach are both tanner than me.. TWO WHITE PPL TANNER THAN ME! how sad man.. im SOO pale man.. mebbe im just pale and yellow.. what a bad combo.. chrissy asked if i knew a girl named Maria C!! how weirrd.. my agoura golfer buddy =D how small this world ish.. my car kind of failed on me when i was goin home.. so i was goin 15 MPH.. thank God it was one AM in the morning, when NO ONE is on the road.. I HATE MY SHITMOBILE! im so disappointed in my car..

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